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Flash-Firmware -

Storagebird Solo 35-UM Firmware

File: FTS_StoragebirdSolo35UMFirmware_T175080815_1026254.ZIP
  Version: T17 - 5 - 080815
  Date: 15.08.2008
  Size: 3,59 MB
  Language: / German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, English
  Manufacturer: Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Operating systems:
Important information:
After the update, your audio, video and language settings need to be configured
Installation description:
1. Download the firmware package and extract the content of the ZIP file to your
2. Connect the STORAGEBIRD Solo 35-UM to your computer.
3. Copy the contents the SBSOLO35-UM_S81R1_T17-5_080815.bin directly into the
root directory of the STORAGEBIRD Solo 35-UM.
4. Connect your STORAGEBIRD Solo 35-UM to a TV unit and select the menu option...
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Firmware Release
with improved subtitle support for special characters
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