ServerView Agents Linux

The ServerView Agents Linux are released for

It is recommended to install the newest service pack or update.

Before The Installation

The ServerView Agents Linux are located on the ServerView Suite DVD in directory /SVSSoftware/Software/ServerView/Linux/Agents as Linux RPM packages. See also the Table of RPM Packages of ServerView Agents Linux below.

For detailed requirements and installation instructions see the readme text files. The list of released systems and operating systems is included in the corresponding file Supported Systems.

For proper functionality of the installation script srvmagt(8), use ONLY pathnames that DO NOT contain spaces or special characters.

ServerView Agents Linux require an appropriate SNMP service (including utilities) on the system.

Kernel Module Packages (KMP) for PLDP and DUP-enabled Systems

On PLDP or DUP enabled systems (starting from SLES10 or RHEL5), ServerView Agents Linux will first try to install the ServerView KMPs srvmagt-modules. If this fails, or for environments that do not support PLDP or DUP, ServerView Agents Linux offer to compile the ServerView modules during installation unless the system prohibits the use of such modules.

The KMP packages srvmagt-modules are located in iso format on ServerView Suite DVD in section "Linux Drivers and Applications" - "Driver Kits".


Standard Installation

To install of ServerView Agents Linux

  1. save the script for installation below /tmp
  2. open (as root) a Terminal and enter
  3. cd /tmp
  4. sh

The script performs the installation automatically.

User-defined Installation

You also can install the RPM packages individually one by one from DVD-ROM, if you mount the DVD-ROM there and then perform the following actions.

To download ServerView Agents Linux packages, click on the package in the table below:

Table of RPM Packages of ServerView Agents Linux
Download Packages Explanation Supported Systems Version
srvmagt-mods_src-6.31-08.i386.rpm readme 6.31-08
srvmagt-eecd-6.31-08.i386.rpm readme 6.31-08
srvmagt-agents-6.31-08.i386.rpm readme 6.31-08
SVSystemMonitor-6.31-08.noarch.rpm readme 6.31-08
srv-cimprovider-6.31-08.x86_64.rpm readme 6.31-08
ServerViewConnectorService-1.20.01-00.i386.rpm readme 1.20.01-00
Download Install Script Explanation Supported Systems Version srvmagt.8.html 6.31-08

To install ServerView Agents Linux

  1. start (as root) a terminal
  2. mount the ServerView Suite DVD (mount(8)).
  3. cd <mountpoint>/SVSSoftware/Software/ServerView/Linux/Agents/x86
  4. rpm -U ServerViewConnectorService-1.20.01-00.i386.rpm
  5. rpm -U srvmagt-mods_src-6.31-08.i386.rpm
  6. rpm -U srvmagt-eecd-6.31-08.i386.rpm
  7. rpm -U srvmagt-agents-6.31-08.i386.rpm
  8. rpm -U SVSystemMonitor-6.31-08.noarch.rpm
  9. rpm -U srv-cimprovider-6.31-08.x86_64.rpm