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MySupport portal gives you a quick overview of updates, current and important information for your saved products.
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  • Personalized and fully customable portal
  • Own products can be saved and managed
  • Get for all products quickly information, downloads etc. due to navigation minimizations
  • More comfort for create and follow service requests incl. status
  • Reducing different logins
  • Proactive functions like newsletter, reminders and rss feeds
  • Modular development to implement future additional modules
  • Multilanguage capable
  • Smart device optimized

After login or registration and configuration of the MySupport portal, you can use the following modules for your saved products: Támogatói hírlevélre, Meghajtóprogram, BIOS, Applications, Dokumentumok, FAQs, A szervizszolgáltatás megrendelésének státusa, Service Desk, Jótállás, Part list és Termékre vonatkozó részletek